A Grand Finale

Hosea, little Hosea, Bond, and Nixon couldn’t have had any more action blasting scoters and bluebills on the last day of the season.  These young men are hardcore duck hunters, and this trip was their first experience sea ducking.  Just after first light and getting our decoys out, the scoters starting coming in off the sound in waves.  It was one of the better if not the best sea duck action we’ve had all season.  There was a constant wave of birds flying right at our decoys.  Sometimes we’d have just one or two, but sometimes we would have flocks of 10 or 15 trying to decoy.  By 8 or so, we had about 15 birds, and by about 9:30, we had our 20 bird limit.  There was a good mix of surf scoters and black scoters, but I’d have to say the area we were hunting held more surfs (or skunkheads or toucans as I’ve heard some people call them).  They are large beautiful birds that fly gracefully and decoy as good as any bird I’ve ever seen.


A nice drake surf scoter!

The abundance of bluebills over the last couple of weeks made me want to set up to hunt them late morning.  Not long after we got set back up and the decoys back out, they started coming.  By lunch, we had 10 drake bluebills.  We were picking out only the closest and most killable birds out of some groups as large as 30-50 coming in on us.  Watching wave after wave of bluebills after watching wave after wave of sea ducks earlier in the morning really made for a memorable hunt for these guys.  Thanks again fellas for doing some pretty finish work and making the last day of our inaugural season at Inner Banks Waterfowl a great success.

We really looking forward to next season and should be in position for some early season sea ducking as soon as they arrive.  They started showing up in the sound about mid-October last year, so give us a call or shoot us an email to arrange you reservation for a memorable waterfowl hunting experience.

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