Scissor Rig Hunting

image00006We hunt open water out of a stable 22′ Beaver Boat built by Privateer Boatworks in Belhaven, NC.  The boat is powered by a 200 hp Yamaha outboard, which provides ample power to overcome the extra weight from the hunters, gear, decoys, and blind. The boat is rigged with a special type of boat blind known as a “Scissor Rig” which is a floating wooden frame built out of Atlantic White Cedar and bushed with young pine trees.  The frame is anchored and floats in the water.  The boats rests independently inside the frame and the back of the rig “scissors” open to allow the boat to pull in and out of the blind freely to retrieve birds or to arrange decoys.  The Scissor Rig was first invented and used by hunters in the Currituck Sound who wished to hunt out of their boat to give them the flexibility to move with the birds, giving them the most consistent hunting opportunities.


We use a variety of decoy spreads depending on what type of hunting we are doing.  We primarily use foam-filled Tanglefree Migration Series sea duck and diver decoys and Fowl Foolers fburlap-wrapped super-mag Puddle Duck Decoys.  They are great quality, are attractive to passing birds, and hold up to repeated shots.