First Sea Ducks for Young Hunter

John Clark killed his first sea ducks today and had a great time soaking up all the sights and sounds of open water sea duck hunting.   He not only killed his first sea ducks but was able to harvest a beautiful drake specimen of each of our most prominent scoter species, the Black or Common and the Surf.  He was all smiles all day.  We had a great time.



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Pamlico Sound Sea Ducks

While the regular duck hunters are getting ready for the next season to come in on Dec. 19, we like to take advantage of the sea duck season, which doesn’t close, and offers some fantastic hunting and a truly unique experience if you’ve never tried it.  This morning was a great hunt.  We shot black and surf scoters.   We also saw some white-winged scoters but they caught us off-guard.  They got away but maybe we’ll see them again.  Come experience some of the best sea duck hunting in North America in the Pamlico Sound of North Carolina.

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Pamlico Sea Duck Hunting

Joe and I had a great Bufflehead shoot this morning.  We also killed a sea duck and had a few looks from some divers.  The buffies are always fun to shoot and they were decoying well today.

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The Scissor Rig is Ready

The boat is ready for some feathers and blood.  She turned out great, and we’ll be heading out this week to see what we can find.   We are looking forward to some great late season hunting.

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Painting the Boat & Getting Ready for Hunting

We are just about ready to hit the ground running for the 2015-16 waterfowl season.  We’ve been working hard to get the boat rigged up.  Our 22′ Beaver Boat will be a great scissor rig boat.  We’ll be offering hunts starting Dec. 3. We’ll have Dec. 3-5 available in the short season and Dec. 19 – Jan. 30 available during the late season.

We just finished painting it today and will putting everything back together this week.  Here are some pictures.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo photo 1 photo 2

Scissor Rig Open Water Duck Hunts

Welcome to our new website for Inner Banks Waterfowl, your source for NC Duck Hunting.  We’ll be booking hunts from Nov. 14 – Dec. 5 and Dec. 19 – Jan. 30.  4 hunters max.  2 hunter minimum.  $200/hunter for a 6-7 hour hunt.  We’ll be hunting out of my 22′ Beaver painted and rigged with a scissor rig to lure the birds in close.  Email me at for availability.