Too Rough for Sea Ducks but Bluebills Made the Day

The west wind was up today, so we couldn’t safely hunt the sea duck grounds; however, we slipped inside for some action on the blackheads. They did their job and we scratched out a 4 man limit.  I’m excited about tomorrow but regretful that it’s the last day of the season.  Hopefully we can give some eager young duck hunters the sea duck diver combo.


As Good As it Can Get

Today was an epic day where everything just kinda fell in place.  I had Brian, dead-eye Hawk Jr, and Mark (all 3 are excellent shots).  We started out sea duckin and boy was it good.  They were coming in puuurdy!   Lots of powder being burnt…….that’s what sea duckin is all about.  To me, there’s nothing better than a flock of big fat skunk heads decoying in your face, unloading on them, reloading on them to try to kill them, and then chasing them with the boat to get them.  Ideally, we like to kill them on the first shot, but that just isn’t always the case with the hardy sea duck, which is a different breed.  We shot our limit of surf and black scoter and then relocated and killed some bluebills.  What a great day!

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Fun 2 Man Scoter Limit

Brian and I headed out for a fun hunt today.  We were right where all the sea ducks were.  There was absolutely no wind early in the morning, so the birds weren’t coming in very well.  When the wind finally picked up, it was game on.  They were coming in on a string and decoying like we like em.

photo 3

Scoters and Bluebills

We finally got some weather bad enough to curtail our hot striper bite on the Roanoke River.  This week, we’ve been rescheduling fishing trips and rebooking duck hunts.  The weather and conditions were ducky and the birds did their job.  I had some exceptionally good shooters today that really made my job easier.  The sea ducks filled the bill today with about a 50/50 mix of surf scoters and black scoters.  We also had some bluebills commit suicide.  There are more bluebills (blackheads) in our estuary right now than I’ve ever seen.  Quite the site.


Sea Duck Spanking

Today we gave the stripers a break and went back after the sea ducks.  We weren’t disappointed.  Joe, my trusty hunting partner, and I put Mike and Jeremy Marsh on some steady action this morning.  Not only did we do well on the scoters, but we saw an incredible number of divers and puddle ducks.  It never ceases to amaze me how much waterfowl we have in the Pamlico Sound.

DSC_0029 DSC_0031 DSC_0035

Quick 3 Man Sea Duck Limit

The Drizas from Meine enjoyed some Southern Sea Duck Hunting on North Carolina’s Pamlico Sound today.  The fog slowed the early morning flight, but once the fog lifted, the birds flew and decoyed wonderfully.  These boys knocked down 7 out of one flock.  As we were picking up the decoys, multiple large flocks were trying to land.   What an awesome shoot!  Come experience some great open water sea duck hunting…….a unique waterfowling experience.


BOCO Christmas Hen Hunt

The Boco (Beaufort County) boys were at it again Christmas eve morning. We went on our First Annual Boco Christmas Eve Sea Duck Hunt, and we put a hurting on the hen scoters.  Normally we like to harvest mostly the drakes and save the hens in the name of conservation, but the boco crowd isn’t very well known for conserving the meek and young.  In fact, this crowd has a pretty strong track record of picking out the button bucks on a deer hunt and hens on a duck hunt.   We had a great time and had some superb gunning this morning.  Why let a drake get in the way of a good streak!

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The Fog Got Us

Despite a very foggy morning and very few sea ducks flying as a result, we did enjoy a great morning of hunting.  We killed a few birds despite the slowdown and had a great time enjoying the company of good friends, which is what waterfowl hunting is all about.  We were also able to give 8 year old Hunter a great experience.



Fun Time by First Time Sea Duckers

Scott and Dwayne are from the Cape Fear coast and are avid duck hunters.  Today, they wanted to experience some open water gunning in the Pamlico Sound.  They were able to do plenty of shooting today, as the scoter hunting was steady most of the morning.  They were asking me where they could get some more shells before their swamp hunt tomorrow.  That’s a good day!

If you want to get out on the water sea duckin, we have openings in January.  We can get you out on the water having this much fun before the season ends on Jan. 30.


Great Sea Duck Hunting

The Spruill clan from Bertie County came down out of the swamp to enjoy some open water sea duckin today.  Although they are all avid and experienced Duckmen, this was their first time going sea duck hunting.  The wind was howling and conditions were a bit rough following this cold front, but the ducks flew all morning.  I think they really enjoyed themselves, and they put a hurting on em today.  Great job guys!


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