Good Open Water Mixed Bag Hunting

These boys could shoot, and their harvest showed.  We had a great hunt this morning killing a mixed bag of surf scoter, bluebills, and buffleheads.  I think the best hunting of the 2016-17 waterfowl season is yet to come.  There are a load of birds in the Chesapeake Bay right now, and I think this arctic blast should get them down here.  The only open day I have left for a hunt is Jan. 25.  Give me a call to get in on a real hunting experience in open water.


First North Carolina Duck Hunt for Young Sportsmen

My friend Greg and his buddy Steven, brought their sons, Adam and Sean, who were able to experience their first North Carolina duck hunt today.  The birds flew decent given the slick calm conditions, and the boys were able to harvest some hen scoters.  Overall, it was an excellent experience for the boys and a great way for them to be exposed to nature and something they don’t normally get to see.

img_1356 img_1357 img_1358

Fair Hunting on a Bluebird Day

We had to do a lot of riding to find them, but once we set up, the result was positive.  Pruitt and Brant experienced some sea duck hunting for the first time.  The hunting should continue to improve as more birds arrive.  Let’s get after them.


White-Winged Scoter

We shot our first white-winged scoter this morning. White-winged scoters are the third and most rare of the scoter species.  They are a highly prized sea duck in the Pamlico estuary.   It’s a beautiful, big-bodied bird distinguished by the white patch behind the ear and on the wing.  The hunting was steady this morning with a good mix of surfs and blacks.  There are also plenty of bluebills starting to show up.

We have open dates, and the open water duck hunting is only getting better.  Let’s have some fun and go duck hunting.  This is a unique experience that every duck hunter should see.

img_1342 img_1340 img_1339

Kicking Off the Season with a Bang!

We had a great scoter hunt this morning with a limit of blacks by 8 a.m.  Fun stuff.  We have plenty of open dates and the hunting will only get better as the season progresses.  img_1331 img_1334

Sea Duck Hunting Article in Wildfowl Magazine

Check out the latest issue of Wildfowl Magazine (September 2016).  We are honored to have a nice 5 page story on our Sea Duck hunting in the Pamlico.  Come check us out this season.  We’ll be rigged up and ready for some scoter blasting.  In addition to hunts out of the 22′ Beaver Boat scissor rig, we’ve added a Ron Bankes Layout boat to the arsenal.  Get up close and personal at

Kudos to Mike Marsh for producing such a well written article and some great photos.   Also, kudos to my hunting buddy, Joe Hawley, who was instrumental in our success last year.  I drove the boat while manhandled the decoys.  He has a younger back.

After all this crazy summer heat, I know some of you are ready for some cold weather.  I definitely can’t wait for some stinging cold wind in my face and scoters passing through the decoys.  The 2016 Season dates are Nov. 21-Jan. 28.  Book your hunt!


Summer Skunkhead

I shot these picture while on a fishing trip the other day.  I think that a drake surf scoter is one of the prettiest birds of all the waterfowl species.  I’m not sure why this bird was still hanging around during the summer.  I thing he was probably wounded but looked very well fed to me…….just couldn’t make the flight back up north with his cohorts.

Enjoy the pics and get ready for the season.  I am starting to get exciting for some cold weather and some of the finest sea duck hunting anywhere.

DSC_0138 DSC_0139 DSC_0140 DSC_0141 DSC_0142

Ready for Some Layout Hunting

Special delivery today from Michael Bankes of Bankes Boats in Ontario. These are the best layout boats on the market and built for one thing…….close up decoying divers and sea ducks in open water. Better open up the choke for those 10 yard shots.


2016-17 Sea Duck Season

The dates have officially been announced.  The season is Nov. 21 – Jan. 28.  Same limit applies to scoters.  4 birds/person/day.  It’s gonna be a great season.

Book now to reserve your dates for next season.

You can experience this:


A Grand Finale

Hosea, little Hosea, Bond, and Nixon couldn’t have had any more action blasting scoters and bluebills on the last day of the season.  These young men are hardcore duck hunters, and this trip was their first experience sea ducking.  Just after first light and getting our decoys out, the scoters starting coming in off the sound in waves.  It was one of the better if not the best sea duck action we’ve had all season.  There was a constant wave of birds flying right at our decoys.  Sometimes we’d have just one or two, but sometimes we would have flocks of 10 or 15 trying to decoy.  By 8 or so, we had about 15 birds, and by about 9:30, we had our 20 bird limit.  There was a good mix of surf scoters and black scoters, but I’d have to say the area we were hunting held more surfs (or skunkheads or toucans as I’ve heard some people call them).  They are large beautiful birds that fly gracefully and decoy as good as any bird I’ve ever seen.


A nice drake surf scoter!

The abundance of bluebills over the last couple of weeks made me want to set up to hunt them late morning.  Not long after we got set back up and the decoys back out, they started coming.  By lunch, we had 10 drake bluebills.  We were picking out only the closest and most killable birds out of some groups as large as 30-50 coming in on us.  Watching wave after wave of bluebills after watching wave after wave of sea ducks earlier in the morning really made for a memorable hunt for these guys.  Thanks again fellas for doing some pretty finish work and making the last day of our inaugural season at Inner Banks Waterfowl a great success.

We really looking forward to next season and should be in position for some early season sea ducking as soon as they arrive.  They started showing up in the sound about mid-October last year, so give us a call or shoot us an email to arrange you reservation for a memorable waterfowl hunting experience.

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